serene (sbd000) wrote in sadie_twitter,


yugiri_Daizy: I thought from before, girls are more perverted! They get so excited easily!

reika_d_out: Yeah I understand.

mizuki_sadie: Me too (^O^)

yugiri_Daizy: This world is all pervs!

reika_d_out: Girls are more perverted than guys but, more than girls, I hear Mizuki sensei is more perverted lol

mizuki_sadie Yeah! I'll shout it out in a big voice.

mizuki_sadie: That public image of Mizuki that everyone knows, last time when eating with Reika-chan he noticed the real Mizuki is pure...

reika_d_out: I know the real Mi-chan

mizuki_sadie: :p
Tags: 2011.08, mizuki

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