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29 March 2011 @ 12:37 am
 tweets for the 28th

sorry for the lack of translating, its been crazy :S and i still cant promise to bring regularly translations, im finishing university which means im swamped with work and have to finish my thesis by the 12th (im almost done though), im sure that by the 12th things are going to be normal, in the mean time ill still try to catch up with Tsurugi's tweets, at least im done with february and working with march now :)

anyways onto the tweets

イケナイ所? RT @saki_Awoi: クイズ:今何処でしょう?
a bad place? RT @saki_Awoi: Quiz: where am i now?

ふ~ん(笑)へぇ~(笑)ま、ほどほどにしなよ?俺は寝るからな! RT @saki_Awoi: 先輩、イケナイ所とは…無知な後輩に是非、御教授頂けませんか?(笑)RT @Sadie_tsurugi イケナイ所? RT saki_Awoi: クイズ:今何処でしょう?
fuuu~n (laughs) heee (laughs) why not do it moderately? because im going to sleep now! RT @saki_awoi senpai, a bad place that is....im an ignorant kouhai, could you please show me the place?  (laughs) RT @Sadie_tsurugi a bad place? RT @saki_Awoi: Quiz: where am i now?

woke up(@_@)

probably the SCREW members are sleeping. what will i do? anyways i want to eat.
*he actually says something more like probably the members of screw are inside their dream places, i just thought that sounded better.

You are making something?

I can also cook rice! (laughs)

by the way is it ok if you arent sleeping?

so i guess i will go to Nakau? is that ok?

ええ゛!?寝てないんすか?もしや…、遊んどったんすか!?(笑)なんつて。寝てくださいね! RT @rui_screw: @Sadie_tsurugi まだ起きておりましたΣ(・□・;)(笑)おはようございます!
eeeh?! you're not sleeping? then maybe....you were playing*!? (laughs) what is that...please go to bed! RT @rui_screw: @Sadie_tsurugi:  nbsp;you're still awake Σ(・□・;) (laughs) good morning
*playing can mean having fun, hanging out

あれま。遅くまでお疲れ様です!!こちらこそ宜しくお願いします(>_<) RT @rui_screw: @Sadie_tsurugi ミーティング終わって気付いたら朝でした(/ _ ; )今日もよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m☆
oh no. thanks for the hard work until late ! ! from me also treat me well (>_<) RT @rui_screw: @Sadie_tsurugi: when the meeting finished before i noticed it was already morning(/_;) Today also treat me well m(_ _)m☆

rainy weather. again its falling intensely

RT @Sadie_STAFF: ☆こんにちは! いよいよ本日、『THE UNITED KILLERS vol.2』ファイナル大阪公演! 地元大阪はやっぱり気合い入りますよね! ※沢山のお問合せありがとうございます!当日券は、若干枚数販売予定です。(売切れの際はご容赦下さい)
RT @Sadie_ Staff  ☆ Hello! at last today is『THE UNITED KILLERS vol.2』Final Osaka performance!  because its our hometown Osaka we're more fired up! ※thank you for the many enquiries!only a few are left in the ticket sales. (please forgive us if there arent any left)

朝食べたのにお腹がすいたぜ。 http://photozou.jp/photo/show/521486/69774929
i only had breakfast so im really hungry. http://photozou.jp/photo/show/521486/69774929

next to me Rui-kun is sleeping nau.

talking about Yamamoto-san's song making. im still a little bird*he means he's still an amateur.

not the kind of amateur that doesnt know information, im the kind of amateur that unconsciously avoids knowing the themes of the meetings. i understood that after talking another time with Yamamoto-san. though i just noticed.

something difficult, well. meetings are the most difficult. speaker way of talking. the listeners way of listening. not just only that but same subjects at the end change. also i think finding only one good point is really hard. but that one point is also gathered by different people with different personalities. running away is something you cant do right?.

there's still some time left.

THE UNITED KILLER vol.2 →http://ameblo.jp/tsurugi-sadie/entry-10816178764.html
THE UNITED KILLER vol. 2 →http://ameblo.jp/tsurugi-sadie/entry-10816178764.html
*basically he was saying that they wanted to give their all for this final, and it will be really fun, thanks for the energy, thank you sold out

大阪BIGCATイベントファイナルありがとう→ http://ameblo.jp/tsurugi-sadie/entry-10816359428.html
Thank you Osaka BIGCAT Event Final → http://ameblo.jp/tsurugi-sadie/entry-10816359428.html
*saying thank you to everyone who went, thanks to everyone who yelled, to the artist who participated with them, he says that he believes in Sadie, he's thankful for the 3 sold out shows. 

ただいま〜であるがゆえに(@_@)←この人 http://bit.ly/ew6VrE
im back~ and consequently there is (@_@)←this guy

goodnight! i will sleep
sbd000 on March 29th, 2011 07:28 pm (UTC)
thank you for your hard work :)
it's cute/funny seeing rui x tsu tweeting eachother